Fred and Bex


You might not think to put fruit vinegar in a cocktail, but in fact the sweetness of Fred & Bex Raspberry Vinegar, plus the slight sour tang, makes it the perfect partner for alcohol. In this cocktail, the fresh sharpness of gin, plus the syrupy sweetness of limoncello, combine with a dash of Fred & Bex Raspberry Vinegar to make gorgeously refreshing drink. I called it an Indian Summer because although it would be delicious on a hot August day, it also cheered me right up in dark & chilly December.


15ml gin

20ml Fred & Bex Raspberry Vinegar

30ml limoncello

200ml sparkling water

Plenty of ice

Makes 1 cocktail

Put plenty of ice in the bottom of the glass and pour over the alcohol & the vinegar, finishing off with the sparkling water. To make a virgin version of this cocktail, try mixing the same amount of Fred & Bex Raspberry Vinegar with lemonade & a squeeze of lime.

For an extra festive touch, try frosting the rim of the glass with sugar – simply spread a handful of granulated sugar on a small plate, then wipe a wedge of lemon around the rim of the glass. Upend it and turn a few times in the sugar, then allow a few moments to set.

For more information on our fruit vinegar or to buy our vinegar online please visit the main website.


Tina Hunter-Shaw

My waffle maker and Fred and Bex goodies have arrived! Thank you so much!! X


Thanks so much for the Raspberry vinegar, yummy on Skinners ice cream!!..........thanks