Fred and Bex

For this recipe, we’ve put a bit of a twist on the classic by using our Blackberry Vinegar to soak the apples, which can be handy if you haven’t managed to get out and gather blackberries before everyone has else scoffed the lot.


This is a rather scrumptious take on the flavours of mulled wine, but with extra fruitiness provided by a generous splash of Fred & Bex Raspberry Vinegar, red grape juice, and slices of fresh orange and lemon. The fruit vinegar has just the right balance of sweetness and tartness, concentrated to pack a real punch (no pun intended). The addition of brandy and honey makes this a proper winter warmer.

Thinking of Christmas Veg?...

I really do like simple, but very tasty recipes, and a bottle of Fred and Bex Raspberry Vinegar becomes even more useful this time of year to help to achieve both. Here are my easy veg dishes that we have to have with Christmas lunch and the recipe for Brussel sprouts may even convert the ones that say ‘I don’t like Brussel sprouts ’… Very delicious! Enjoy and a Merry Christmas.